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The challenge in administration is to do something today
that you will be grateful for tomorrow.

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The view of Copafit of administration

Administration is often the result of a decision taken
without any understanding of the consequences.

The view of Copafit on Administration

At Copafit, we believe in the balanced integration of various business aspects, and administration is an essential part of that. The statement "The challenge with administration is to do something today that you will be grateful for tomorrow" fits nicely with this. Administration is not just a cumbersome chore to be ticked off; it is an investment in the future of your organization. It helps you understand what you have done, where you are and where you want to go.

Administration requires elimination of what is superfluous

We often see that the design of the administration is the result of a decision made without understanding the consequences. Too much has been thought up that is not strictly necessary. In the life of an organization, there comes a time when you find that you get bogged down in paperwork and procedures. Sometimes you think you have to document everything, but the starting point should be that in recording and looking back, you let yourself be limited to what and when something is needed, as efficiently, accessibly and securely as possible. So it is important to focus on what is really important and let go of the rest. Reducing unnecessary administrative burdens is an important step towards a more efficient organization.

The importance of Administration

You can have the best ideas and the most innovative products, but if your administration is not in order, you can suddenly run into problems just like that. Governance is often seen as a trendy word, but in reality, organizations often invent most of their own administrative obligations. This can lead to an accumulation of procedures that work against the company rather than move it forward. "You never solve the problems in a bureaucracy with more bureaucracy," and this is a point we strongly believe in at Copafit.

Inspiring for Administration

If you really put the customer first, administration can become a source of innovation instead of a burden. If the customer is truly at the helm and determines the outcome and process, procedures will look completely different. This approach can lead to revolutionary insights. And let's face it: 100% compliance is far from being the perfect fit. We need to be flexible and adaptive, with administrative systems that can grow and change with the organization and customer needs.

In short, administration is not just a necessary evil, but an opportunity to improve your organization, make it more efficient and more aligned with customer needs. At Copafit, we approach it from an integrated view where administration plays an equal role in achieving business success.

  • 01. Period : 2001-2021
  • 02. Customer : Oppidum
  • 03. Activity : Organisation without management
  • 04. Result : Effectiveness through task rotation and empowerment
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