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Today's surprise is tomorrow's expectation.

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The view of Copafit on Commerce

Commerce is always about the value you add.
Commerce means focusing on what the customer needs.
Not on what suits you best.

The view of Copafit on Commerce

The idea at Copafit is to take a holistic approach: everything must be in balance. This certainly applies to commerce as well. A company cannot be driven purely by profit margins, without regard for the customer. That is not only unethical, but also unsustainable in the long run. Commerce means focusing on what the customer needs. Not on what suits you best. That has always been the core value at Copafit.

Commerce is always about the value you add

A commercial approach is about much more than just selling; it's about the value you add. Why? Because customers don't just want products or services; they want solutions, they want their lives to be better. If you as a company focus on that, then you build a relationship with your customer that goes beyond a one-time transaction. That's the difference between short-term profit and long-term success.

The importance of Commerce

You can have such a great product or offer excellent service, but if you neglect the commercial aspect, you will never reach the full potential of your business. Commerce is the glue that connects all the other aspects: Organization, Personnel, Administration, Finance and IT. Without a solid commercial strategy, the puzzle falls apart. And this is where the statement "Today's surprise is tomorrow's surprise" comes in. If you constantly innovate and adapt to customer needs, you will continue to surprise them. And a satisfied, surprised customer will come back.

Inspiring for Commerce

If you look at inspiring examples around you, you will see that many successful companies have one thing in common: They innovate not only in their product, but also in how they add value for their customer. They look at the entire experience, from first contact to after-sales service. That's inspiring, and it's also the way we look at the commercial aspect within Copafit.

It's not just about the numbers on a balance sheet. It's about the impact you have on people's lives, and how that is reflected in the growth and success of your business. To me, that's the core of a good commercial strategy. And if you get that right, then you not only stay relevant, but you become a formidable player in your industry.

  • 01. Period :2007-2009
  • 02. Customer :Eneco
  • 03. Activity : Programme management
  • 04. Result : New companies Stedin and Joulz established
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