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There is so much information that we lose our common sense.

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The view of Copafit of Information

The powers must be where the information is.

The view of Copafit on Information

In Copafit's approach, one thing is clear: Powers must be where the information is. This is essential at a time when we are awash in a sea of data. When you empower the people close to the source of information to make decisions, you can act more quickly and accurately. Not only is this purposeful, but it also keeps the human factor in the picture. Machines and computers can do a lot, but it is still people who have to manage them. People must give meaning and purpose to the products and results delivered.

Information is the answer to complexity

The complexity of the modern world can sometimes be overwhelming. There is so much information that we sometimes risk losing our sanity. But it is precisely in this chaos that information can provide an answer. By simplifying data into bite-sized chunks, it not only becomes more understandable, but also more human and therefore more applicable. That is exactly what we mean by the statement "Data simplified, humanness enhanced.."

The importance of Information

Information is not just a buzzword; it is the backbone of every decision we make. It helps us be focused and effective. But just as important is the human aspect. We are digitally connected and humanly engaged. This means that while we embrace data and technology, we don't forget that at the end of the day, human contact is the most important thing. That's what really drives and motivates us.

Inspiring for Information

Information can also be inspiring. AI technology is threatening to some, need not be replacement at all. AI can greatly enhance our human potential. It can give us new insights we would not have thought of on our own. AI is an extension of our own capabilities. And when that technology is in the service of human goals, it can be a powerful combination that is both inspiring and transformative.

By following these principles, we navigate the complex landscape of the modern world. And that is what Copafit wants to convey: a balanced approach that recognizes both the importance of information and the human aspect.

  • 01. Period : 1986-now
  • 02. Customer : All projects
  • 03. Activity : Being human and doing project management
  • 04. Result : The best possible balance
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