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People and interactions over processes and tools.

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The view of Copafit of People

People can be willing to change but are never willing te be changed.

The view of Copafit of People

You've probably heard it before, but it can't be said often enough: people make the difference in an organization. In Copafit's approach, it's no different. We believe in the premise of the Agile Manifesto "People and interactions over processes and tools." We can have the best tools and systems, but without the right people and without those people interacting well, we won't achieve much.

Everything always starts with people

Everything begins and ends with your team. Without an engaged and competent team, wonderful plans and strategies are just words on paper. That is why it is important for everyone to understand that each individual is outstanding. Each employee brings something unique to the team that is irreplaceable.

The importance of People

An organization can only be successful if the staff is also successful. It goes beyond just a paycheck at the end of the month. "People can be willing to change but are never willing te be changed," is a statement we strongly believe in. Change is a given in any business. But how that change is implemented is what makes the difference. Involve the workforce in change. Give them a voice and listen to them. People are not just replaceable cogs in a machine.

Inspiring for People

Motivation is a key word. But what really motivates people? It's not just money or a fancy title. I like to quote Daniel Pink here. Motivation comes from competence (mastery), being able to make your own decisions about your work (autonomy) and the awareness of how you make an impact (purpose). These are the three pillars on which we must base the development of our personnel. And let's also take a moment to talk about the connection between people. We live in a digital world, sure. Especially now, the connection between people doesn't have to have distance. Whether you're in the office or working remotely, that human connection is irreplaceable.

  • 01. Period : 2005-2006
  • 02. Customer : Siemens
  • 03. Activity : Carve Out PRS
  • 04. Result : A new independent company
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