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Technology has turned the world into a village and communities like families and friends into remote islands.

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The view of Copafit of Technology

The impact of technology is often overestimated in the short term and underestimated in the long term.

The view of Copafit of Technology

At Copafit, we believe that technology is an indispensable element in the complex web of business and organizational challenges. Technology has the potential to drastically change our lives, for the better. Technology has transformed our world into a global village. New challenges lie in driving energy transformation. In many areas, technology has countless opportunities. But at the same time, technology is a means and not an end goal. It is a tool that, if we use and deploy it correctly, can lead to sustainable and profound changes.

Technology needs a human mindset

One of the risks of rapid technological progress is that we can fall into a kind of tunnel vision, overlooking the human factor. Technology should serve as a tool that supports diversity and humanity, not as a template that forces everyone to do everything the same way. This is where Copafit's philosophy really comes into its own. We believe you have to integrate all aspects in a balanced way to be successful. And that includes embedding human values and principles in technological solutions.

The importance of Technology

Technology plays an undeniable role in shaping our future. Whether we are talking about making the impossible attainable, such as travel to other planets, or transforming our energy supply to create a sustainable future, its importance cannot be understated. Technology is not only a facilitator; it is also an inspiration. It encourages us to dream big and turn those dreams into reality. At Copafit, we see technology as a fascinating lever that helps us achieve these goals.

Inspiring for Technology

When we talk about technology, we are not just talking about software code, machines and digital platforms. We also speak of a mindset. A mindset that drives us to innovation, creativity and a drive for continuous improvement. This has always been a core value at Copafit. We take inspiration from Agile methodologies and empowerment, as we believe they foster an agile and responsive organization. Like technology itself, our relationship with technology must be dynamic, flexible and focused on improvement.

Technology is a powerful tool, but it becomes truly effective only when it is in harmony with other organizational and human elements. It is the spark that drives energy transformation, the tool that puts diversity over uniformity, and the lever that enables a more sustainable and better world. At Copafit, we integrate this vision into everything we do. Because for us, it is clear: technology not only needs a human mindset, but it must also be a source of inspiration for a better future.

  • 01. Period : 1986-now
  • 02. Customer : All projects
  • 03. Activity : Being enthusiastic, inquisitive and critical
  • 04. Result : Delivering beautiful projects with technology
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